What You Need to Wear

How to order:

All items can be ordered on charms now!  All you have to do is login to your account and click on the shopping cart at the top of your profile and it will take you to the store.  WATCH THE VIDEO!! IT WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING ABOUT ORDERING!  All orders must be paid with paypal with a credit card.  We will not accept cash or checks for orders unless you do not have a credit card. You must pay for them through charms via paypal.  Your order will not be processed by charms until you pay for it.

Show Shirt- Cost $10:

All students will receive one show shirt this year.  Students will wear this shirt quite a bit, so it is suggested that you purchase a second one.

All parents are required to wear a Titan Regiment band shirt or polo while chaperoning football.  There are three types of polos that you can choose from and the show shirt also.  All of these are acceptable for parents to wear to chaperone football games or marching band competitions.  All other events will require parents to wear a Titan Regiment Band polo.


Band Polos- $20 or $30

Parents that will be chaperoning events outside of marching band will need to purchase a polo to wear.  There are three different versions available.  You may choose to wear whichever polo you would like.


Band Hoodies-$20 to $25

Band hoodies will be ordered in September.  Sizes Small to Large will cost $20.  All sizes above that will cost $25.

You can find these items on the band website HERE if you would to see what you are ordering.

University High School Titan Regiment

1000 West Rhode Island Avenue, Orange City, Florida, 32763

David Martin, Director of Bands

386-968-0013 ext. 46298