Game Week Checklist


Students do not have to stay at school between the end of the school day and Friday football games.  Students may leave campus and come back by call time.  If you arrive at call time, you are late.


Students that would like to stay, can do so.  Every week students may bring in $5 to purchase dinner.  Dinner will vary from week to week and will be announced typically sometime during the week. 


Things to bring to School on Game Days

  • Instrument

  • Long White Socks

  • Band shirt

  • Flip Folder

  • Lyre

  • Water Jug

  • extra reeds

Things to remember to do for Game days

  • Memorize your instrument serial number.

  • Clean your mouthpiece

  • Polish your instrument

  • Bring at least one extra reed


Game day Procedures (Thursday and Friday games)

5:30pm: Call time for students

6:00pm: Departure for Home Game

6:30pm: Arrive at Deltona High School

7:00pm: Pre Game

10:30ish: End of Game

11:00ish: Arrive Back at school

Football Game Procedures

1. Students will be given a call time to arrive at the band room. Students should arrive no later than 20 minutes before but no earlier than 45 minutes before this time to make sure they are ready to be dressed. Students will be called to attention at this time. Any student not in the band room will be considered late, and lose points for the day. The students then will be given 10 minutes to dress in the band uniform.

2. The students will proceed to the designated area for inspection.

3. No jewelry of any kind is permitted while in uniform.

4. For away games, students must wear their uniform for the entire trip unless specified by the director. Members who choose to remove their uniform without approval will not be allowed to march the show for that evening.

5. Students will proceed to their assigned buses where they will sign in with the parent in charge of their bus.

6. For home games, students will proceed to the south end zone, and lineup to march into the stadium.

7. Students will leave cases and hat boxes in the designated spot. Gloves, hats, and gauntlets are not worn for pregame events. Each section is to lineup and orderly place their cases and hat boxes to be easily accessible for the halftime performance. Woodwinds always take their cases into the stands.

8. After pregame, wait on the track, in score order, for instructions on how to get into the stands.

9. Percussion will always enter the stands last.

10. The band seating is off limits to everyone but chaperones and staff.

11. Chaperones have the full authority of the director at all times. They are volunteering their time to help make your performance a success.

12. After the halftime show, proceed back to the stands. The band will be dismissed for third quarter break. Disciplinary issues will affect if you are allowed to go on break.

13. Students will not be allowed to eat while in uniform. The only food allowed for students when in uniform, is food provided by the band boosters. Students must prepay for food before the game and parents will purchase food for them during 3rd quarter break for those that prepaided.

14. Students will not be allowed to walk around the stadium during 3rd quarter break. Students will be required to stay in the designated break area. Students that leave the area, will lose their 3rd quarter break the next game and the rest of that game.

15. Students will be required to be back in their seats with one minute to go in the third quarter. Students that are late getting back will lose their 3rd quarter break the next week.

16. After the game, students will lineup or wait to go back to the buses.

17. Upon arriving back at the school, students will wait by the equipment trailer to get their instrument. Students should not enter the band room without their instrument.

18. All students will remove their uniform and clean up their personal belongings and exit the band room. All officers are required to remain in the band room until dismissed by the director.

19. All Guard students are required to stay until dismissed by the guard director. Everything must be cleaned.

20. Students who loiter while others clean will lose points and possibly 3rd quarter break.

21. Students will be required to leave the band room and guard room immediately after dismissal.

22. The sheriff’s department will escort students, who parents are more than 30 minutes late, home. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR STUDENT IN A TIMELY MANNER. THE PARENTS AND DIRECTOR ARE NOT BABYSITTERS. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND ARRANGE RIDES AHEAD OF TIME.

23. At any performance you are on display to parents, administrators, fans, alumni, school board members, faculty, and the general public. You are expected to display the proper attitude and behavior becoming of a University High School band member.

24. NO CELL PHONE USE DURING ANY POINT OF A FOOTBALL GAME. Cell phones can only be used to call parents on the way home from away games, or when we return to the band room. You will receive a referral for this infraction during the game. NO exceptions.


General Bus Travel Procedures

  • All students must ride the bus they signed up for. If specific seats are assigned, changes will not be made. Chaperones will be assigned to each bus. Chaperones have the director’s full authority. Any discipline problems will be reported and no lenience will be provided to infractions associated with Chaperones. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

  • The band and guard will always wear their full uniform on the bus until instructed differently by the director. Under special circumstances the director will allow students to remove their jacket portion of their uniform at football games.

  • All students will remain seated at all times. Students will only be permitted to disembark with the director’s permission.

  • As per Volusia County policy, anytime that the band and guard travels at night, there will be assigned seating with no mixing of the sexes.

  • Standard rules of conduct apply to bus travel.

  • Students may use their phone and iPods on the bus. Headphones must be used at all times.

  • There will be no food or drink allowed on the bus.

  • Personal Displays of Affection are prohibited. You will be separated if a problem occurs and given a referral for this infraction.

  • All county bus rules will be followed while traveling on a bus.

  • Do not shout at people outside of the bus.

  • Chaperones and select band officers have the full authority of the band director.

  • Cell phones are to be used on the bus only and should not leave the bus. You are the only person responsible for your belongings.


Music and Drill Sheets

Replacement of lost music is very time consuming, and expensive. Band members will be provided with a copy of all their music. The student shall be responsible for the music issued to him/her. One way to prevent replacement cost is to make an extra copy of your music at home.


Music Guidelines:

 All copies of music and will cost $1.00 to replace per song.

 All original copies of music will cost $5.00 to replace.

 Be sure to put your name on all of your folders including your flip folder.

 Store all concert, and jazz band music in the folder cabinet.

 If you approach Mr. Martin about copies of music you will be turned away.



1. Chaperones are to watch and help the students during the game. You are not there to watch the game.

2. Bus rides should be fun, but not dangerous. No excessively loud noise (screaming at the top of their lungs). No profanity and no abuse of uniforms or equipment.

3. Please assist in checking roll each time students board the bus.

4. Please circulate on the bus to make sure students are behaving at all times.

5. Please assist with uniform checks in the warm-up area, after students are in warm-up arcs.

6. Please make sure the band seating area is clear.

7. Please assist with plumes during warm-up, prior to performance.

8. Please clean up band seating area, check for lost items.

9. Please clean up and check bus for lost items upon arrival at University High School.

10. During the third quarter break at football games:

o Students may visit the other band etc., but should stay in groups.

o Students cannot eat from the concession stands if they are in uniform, and can only drink and eat what is provided to them by the boosters if they are in uniform.

o Students are required to stay in the assigned 3rd quarter break area.


During the football game:

  •  No one can leave during a game unless it is a medical emergency.

  •  Non-band students or the general public are not allowed to "visit" the band section.

  •  Please sit along side of your assigned section and assist with whatever they need.

  • Although you may enjoy watching football, please remember you are there to help the band.


Parent Involvement

We need you! Even if your time is limited, there are numerous ways in which you can make the University High School Band Program even better. Every student is expected to have a parent to volunteer a minimum 10 hours each year. Your talents and abilities are needed in areas such as:   Uniform fitting, Typing, Sewing,  Flag-making, Ticket sales, Fund raising, Chaperoning,  Concessions vending, Moving Equipment, Serving game dinners, Organizing events


Parent Support

A supportive group of parents is vital to the operation of the band program. Everyone is welcome, so come out and participate whenever possible.

University High School Titan Regiment

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David Martin, Director of Bands

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