Dear Prospective Guard Parent and student,

We are very pleased that your son/daughter is considering auditioning got the Fall 2016 season!  They will make new friends, and experience the hard work and dedication it takes to put on a great performance as a group.  The University High School Band is an integral part of school life and is recognized as a school activity.  It is the largest and most active voluntary student organizations and its members form an active, intercultural group. 


GPA Requirement, 2.0

Students that do not have at least a 2.0 will not be allowed to audition.  Students are expected to have a GPA much higher than that and this might be a determining factor if you are to make the team.  The minimum is never enough to be successful.  Students with F’s in any of their classes will not be allowed to become a full member of the team until their grades are improved. 


  • May 3rd and 5th from 4:00pm- 8:00pm

  • Hair should be pulled back and away from your face. 

  • Wear ALL BLACK, body conscious band clothes (no writing on clothes)

You will be assigned a number for the auditions.  You will be scored by a point system on technique, style, showmanship, knowledge of choreography, teacher evaluations, and academic success.

Auditions are closed to the public as well as all practices.  Results will be posted in the band hallway following the final Auditions.

Commitments for Parents

Parents are a vital part of the success to our organization.  There many aspects of the program that are run by the parents.  Please read the Band Handbook.  Here is a short list of what parents expected to do:

  • Chaperone events

  • Make sure your student is on time to all events

  • Support the fundraisers, rehearsal schedule, and functions

Financial Information

Click here to see the fee schedule for the current season. Each student is responsible for their portion of the cost to participate in this activity.  If a student owes fees from a previous year, they will not be allowed on the team.

Guard Class

Students are required to be in the Color Guard class to participate in this activity.  If they are not, they will not be allowed to be on the team. 


Parents and students that do not sign the agreements attached will not be allowed to audition or be on the team.

  • Band Handbook Agreement (go to and download)

  • Guard Fees Contract

  • Contact sheet


Please email me if you have any questions or concerns,

David Martin

University High School Titan Regiment

1000 West Rhode Island Avenue, Orange City, Florida, 32763

David Martin, Director of Bands

386-968-0013 ext. 46298