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Military Parade
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Military Parade

Banquet Parking

All banquet tickets were finalized on Monday; the caterer has been paid and all seats are taken. If you are unsure if you have a ticket to the banquet, please email or text Mrs. Pyburn before 5:00pm today or (386) 848-4281.

Registration begins at 5:30pm and ends at 6:30pm

Upon entering the banquet hall, you will check-in to receive your reserved table number. With 200 guests, tables are assigned so that families can be accommodated. If you are going alone, we understand that you want to sit with your friends, and we did our very best to make that happen - we ask that you PLEASE not change your seat.

Please see the message below about parking and location from the Plaza:

The North Parking Lot is just past the stoplight, going North on A1A (at the northernmost part of the property). Just past the stoplight (DO NOT TURN RIGHT AT STOP LIGHT – THAT IS A BEACH APPROACH). You will turn right after you see a 35 mph speed sign and bus stop sign. Signage: The Plaza Resort & Spa. This is the entrance into the North Parking Lot.

Turn Right into the parking lot and continue straight back toward the ocean (you’ll see the ocean). The parking lot makes an “L” shape to the right.

Veer to the right at the corner of the “L” and drive until you see the 2 sets of double doors/entry to the resort.

Once you enter the double doors you will see a flight of stairs on the left and an elevator on the right. You may use the stairs or elevator on the right and go up one level (the highest you can go in this particular elevator). All Event space is on the upper level.

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University HS Band Banquet 5.13.2022

N Colonnade: North Registration

Plaza A: Banquet

Valet Fee $10, Per Vehicle

Gates North Lot: Self Park ‘First Arrive, First Park’

Enter: Take Ticket

Exit: Press Help Button. Relay You Were Here for An Event OR you may validate your ticket at the front desk. NO Parking Free.

(Both Parking Options Based on Hotel Availability)

Additional parking available across the street in the Daytona Parking garage.

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