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Military Parade

Cookie dough fundraiser - 2021

Dear UHS Band Parents, On Thursday, 7/29, we started our annual cookie dough fundraiser to support the band program. I am so proud of how the students worked together on Thursday to get started on the fundraiser but with your support we can have a fantastic start to the year.

Basic details: All paper order forms (and payments) are due back to school on Thursday, 8/5. The online fundraising store will also remain open through Thursday, 8/5. Our fundraising packet and brochures are being sent home with students today and each child / family is asked to participate and give a genuine effort to participate. The goal per child is 12 items and our fundraising goal for the program is to raise $10,000. The purpose of this fundraiser is to work together as a team to raise the money we need for another successful year.

Here's are TWO ways you can help:

STEP 1: ASK LOCAL ADULTS TO HELP Share our cookie dough catalog by sending out this link or posting to social media:

Local adults can help our group either online or using the paper order forms. If the supporter would like to pay with a credit card, you will need to use the link above. All frozen items will ship to our school after the fundraiser. NOTE: Your family will be responsible for picking up and delivering all fundraising items to your supporters on the delivery date. The frozen cookie dough should only be shown / ordered by adults who live in the local area. The cookie dough will be delivered to UHS in early September and can not be shipped to supporters homes. STEP 2: Register on Each student has already registered on our online fundraising store called FundShoppe. This online store can be sent to adults who live anywhere in the continental USA. Supporters can select to have items shipped to their home and their support will help our band. There are hundreds of items for the supporters to choose from.

Each child has been asked to reach out to at least 7 adults that they know using the FundShoppe platform. Please go to: and ask your child to login.

Once logged in, go ahead and continue to add the email address and phone numbers of adults who might be willing to help. Those adults will receive a customized text and email asking them to support your child. Through this online platform you can monitor how many items have been purchased online and see how things are going related to your online fundraiser. If prompted, our group ID is 3431 Thank you for your support of our band program and this important fundraiser. Sincerely, Kyler Allenson

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