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Military Parade
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Military Parade

Itinerary for 9/24 Game at Lake Brantley

Thank you all for your patience on waiting for this itinerary. We found out this morning that our game was moved to Lake Brantley, so details had to be solidified throughout the day today.

Time Event

3:30 Pep Rally Ends/Load Trailer

4:00 Dinner (Pizza or on your own)

5:00 Dress out/Call Time

5:15 Inspection (see materials list down below)

5:30 Load Buses

5:45 Depart

6:30 Arrival at Lake Brantley HS/ Unload Trailer and head to the stands

7:00 Kickoff

9:00 Halftime

9:30 Third Quarter Off (Concession Stands and meet and greet with Lake

Brantley Band)

11:00 Depart

11:45 Arrive at University HS/Pack up and Depart Immediately

**Italicized Times are estimated**


Materials Needed

-Band Shirt and Jeans/Leggings (for Pep Rally)

-Hawaiian Shirt (optional for Pep Rally)

-Dinkles/Performance Shoes

-Basketball/Volleyball shorts (under uniform)


-Water Jug

-Flip Folder and Music


-Hair gel/spray and make-up (if necessary)

-Additional money for concessions (optional)



-Have your cell phone charged so that you can contact your parents on the ride home (a message will be sent through GroupMe for you to contact them.

-Permission slips MUST be turned for you to attend the game. Last call is prior to 8:30am.

-Performances are a graded assessment. If you missed rehearsal on Thursday, you are still expected to attend the game, but will not perform.

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