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Parents, We need you!

We are in desperate need for drivers this Saturday for Luminary sales! This is one of our BEST fundraisers for the year, but we will not meet our goal if we do not have your help!


Adult drivers take students to different area neighborhoods so students can sell the luminary kits. The tentative start time is 8:00am in the band room; we are usually done by noon IF we have enough drivers! We also need help the following Saturday...PLEASE consider helping the students.

Rules to be a driver:

1. Students are not allowed to drive. No exceptions.

2. You must have room for 4 students in your car.

3. You must be an approved volunteer.

4. You must stay for the entire schedule time.

5. Please signup for both days!!

6. If you want to drive your own student, please message Mrs. Christina Pyburn or Mrs. Emily Curtiss

TENTATIVE Schedule for both days

8:00 - Meeting while students are getting ready.

· Do not be late it is extremely important to be here for this meeting

8:45- Go to your assigned area.

1:30- Finish your sales, mark on the map how far you got in your section and return to the school.

2:00- Students should be done and ready to be picked up.

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