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Military Parade
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Military Parade

Week of June 8th-June 9th

Good afternoon,

Please read in full and carefully.


June 8th 5:00-8:00- Uniform Fitting day/Payments/Forms/Instrument checkout

June 9th 5:00-8:00 Practice

June 8th- Uniform Fitting day/Payments/Forms/Instrument checkout


Suggested schedule

5:00-5:45 Seniors

5:45-6:30 Juniors

6:30-8:00 Freshmen


Today you will check in with the band parents when you arrive at the school. They will check if you:

  1. Have filled out your forms (Contact and band fee contract and instrument rental). If you have not, you will need to fill them out before moving forward.

  2. Once these forms are done, please make your first payment. If you have not made a payment online, please be ready to make a payment in person. The booster treasurer will be here to collect payments.

  3. If you made your first payment online, please confirm with the parents to check off that you made your first payment online.

  4. If you have requested a different payment plan, you will discuss this with Mr. Martin and we will show you how to make a partial payment on quickbooks or pay your partial payment in person.

You must have your contact info and band/guard fee contract filled out to have a spot written for you in the show.

Once you have finished checking on forms and payments, you will be fitted for a marching band uniform in the chorus room. Guard students will need to go to the guard room in the band room for your measurements.

Uniform Fitting Next you will go to the band room if you play a school owned instrument. You will be given your assigned instrument. If you need a school owned trumpet or alto saxophone you will need to discuss this with Mr. Martin. We have a limited supply of these instruments and they may not be available. Music shack will be here if you would like to rent an instrument from them.

Flip Folders and Lyres

From there, if you need a flip folder and a lyre for your instrument, please see Brandon from the Music Shack. Most likely, all freshmen will need to purchase a flip folder and lyre. You can also purchase reeds, valve oil, etc from Brandon today.

June 9th


Full band practice in the auditorium. Please make sure you arrive early. Practice begins at 5:00pm. (No Guard)

If you miss June 8th, you will meet with the parents to do all of what was supposed to be done on that day.

Lastly, we will clean up the email list shortly, please be patient.

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