Weekly Music notes 5/10-5/14



3:45-5:00 Wind Ensemble


8:00-8:30 Conducting practice

5:00-5:30 Jazz 1


3:45-5:00 Symphonic Band


8:00-8:30 Conducting practice



6:00pm- Jazz and Percussion

7:30- Concert Bands

Call time:

All student call time will be 5:30pm.

Dress for the concert is all black.

Concert Attendance

We will send the link to signup to attend the concert tomorrow. You will follow the same process for this concert as the last concert.

Band Banquet

Purchasing of tickets for the band banquet is now closed. There will be assigned seating for the banquet.

Band Fees

If you have any unpaid band fees, you must get those in as soon as possible. If you need to discuss your remaining balance, please email me. Students must have their accounts at a zero balance by the start of June.

Band Dates for 2021-22

The band calendar for next year is almost completed and will be released later this week. I will send a direct email through charms with the calendar.

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