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Military Parade
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Military Parade

Weekly Music notes 5/24-5/28

Good morning,

This week’s schedule:


Drum Major Auditions 3:40-5:00

Percussion: 2:30-6:00pm

Color Guard auditions 5:00-8:00


Color Guard auditions 5:00-8:00


Percussion 2:30-6:00


Drum Major Audition Schedule:

Tyler Oyarbide 3:40

Parker Wasden 3:50

Isabella Bradley 4:00

Maaliyah Andrews 4:10

Jamie Stephenson 4:20

Paige Vandiver 4:30

Samantha Lombardo 4:40

Karissa Sibley 4:50

Ashton Dechiara 5:00

Wednesday Interview Schedule

Amaris Muniz 3:40

Emma Jansen 3:50

Anaya Penfield 4:00

Samantha Mikolajczyk 4:10

Jayden Nieves 4:20

Savannah Wilson 4:30

Austin Jones 4:40

Rebecca Gorman 4:50

Lille Curtiss 5:00

Sean Pyburn 5:10

Jaishaly Llapur 5:20

Karah Holyoke 5:30

Michael Cintron 5:40

Pacey Powell 5:50

Zachary Nygard 6:00

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