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Weekly Music Notes 7/27/20

The final schedule. If we are asked to change our schedule again, I will make the decision to cancel camp for the summer. We will begin our regular scheduled practices the week of August 10th. Thank you so much for your tolerance of the ever-evolving schedule.

Summer Schedule

Monday July 27th- Percussion 6-9

Wednesday July 29th- Percussion 6-9

Friday July 31st -Procedures meeting on Zoom- 6:30 (MUST ATTEND)

Band Camp Schedule

August 3rd-6th 9am-12:00 (all students)

Band with Volusia Live and Volusia Virtual

I have confirmed with administration that you can attend on campus classes for band only if you are going to participate in Volusia Live or Volusia Virtual. This is something that many band students have done over the years with virtual classes or dual enrollment.

The way it works is simple. You show up to campus slightly before your class and then check-in at the attendance office (auditorium ticket booth). After you have finished your class, you exit through the student parking lot.

Band Class Schedule:

Period 1. Wind Ensemble

Period 2. Jazz 1

Period 3. Symphonic Band

Period 4. Jazz 2

Period 6. Guard Class

Period. 7 Percussion Class

The band room is the one of the largest rooms on campus, so we have plenty of space for students to safely participate. For the two larger classes, the plan will be to have these two classes in the auditorium for those classes periods.

Added Safety Measures

Bell Covers

All brass instruments will you have covers on your bells. Thank you very much to Becky Lombardo from making these for our students. Each student will be provided with two covers by the start or school and will receive one on the first day of camp on August 3rd. I encourage students to make a few more on your own time. Choose your own fabric and designs and add your own personal touch to yours! The covers provided to you will be expected to be worn at any performances that we have for a uniform look.

Cloth Band Mask

The band is ordering two cloth face masks for each student. These should arrive by the start of the school year but will not be there for the start of band camp. These will be our performance mask, again to provide a uniform look. Please make sure you have your own mask for the start of band camp.

Playing with a mask on during the school day

During the school day, you will play with a mask on. You may be asking how to do this? Most instruments will need to have a playing mask that is different than your everyday mask you are wearing. You will cut a slit into the mask so you can insert your mouthpiece in the opening.

With the combination of six feet spacing, bell covers, and a modified face mask, this should provide the safest atmosphere for band practice.


Many of the same questions are asked by multiple people. Please save all your questions for the meeting Friday at 6:30pm. I will answer all questions then!


Band camp can be hot and long but, if you are prepared the day will certainly go by better than you thought. We will only have four three-hour practices for camp this year.

Here are a few reminders of what you need to do to have an enjoyable experience at band camp:


2. Milk is not a good idea!!!!

3. You only need your marching instrument!

4. You need to hydrate before camp begins. Drink as much water as you can the day before camp begins.

5. Trust me, you will get a tan. So please make sure that you do not get burned.

6. Bring a few snacks.

7. Wear the correct required clothing:

o Tennis shoes and socks.

o A Shirt.

o Dark gym shorts.

oStudents that wear long pants will not be allowed to participate in activities.

o Optional, but highly suggest: Sunglasses, Hat, camel pack, towel.

8. Dress Code for Band Camp

o Generally, we do not have issues with this but, here are a few guidelines/tips for dress code for band camp.

oBand camp is not a fashion show.

o Wear clothing that will help you stay cool and keep the sun off you.

o Clothing that you wear to work out in is perfect for band camp.

Flip Folders and Lyres Order Form

On Wednesday I will send out an order form for Flip Folders and Lyres. All incoming Freshmen will need to purchase these items if you do not have them. You will need to bring your money to purchase these items from Music Shack. They will be there to pass out your orders and collect money. If you are paying by check for your items, you can make the check out to Music Shack.

Band Fees/Guard Fees and Discount Cards

Do not forget your band fee and guard fee payments! Please have at least your first payment in by Monday. We will not accept any payments in person, and you must pay online. You can do these one of two ways. If you are unable to pay online, please contact me.

1. Complete the band fee contract or Guard Fee Contract and you will automatically be directed to paypal to make a payment. Please only use this option if you have not completed the contract. Use option 2 if you have already completed the form.

a. You can find the fee contract here:

2. Log on to the charms site and make a payment through this website.


b. Follow the directions on how to login.

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