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Military Parade
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Military Parade

Weekly Music Notes 8/10-8/15

Good afternoon everyone,

Today marks the beginning of our regular practice schedule for the school year. Please make sure you are drinking water and you eat throughout the day. Please practice the two show songs today. We will work on that music for most of the practice.


Don’t forget for tonight’s practice:

· Water

· Music

· Bug Spray

· Sunscreen

· Athletic clothing


1. Do not forget that you must wait till your student temperature has been checked before you can leave.

2. You student must be picked up within 15 mins of the end of a practice. This is a county policy for current school activities.

3. Students are to have at least a half-gallon water jug. After tonight’s practice, students will be sent home that do not have this.



5:45-6:00 Student Dropoff

6:00pm-9:00pm Practice

· The following sections can be dropped off for temperature checks in front of the auditorium:

o Guard- Practice in the Auditorium

o Percussion front – Practice in the chorus room

o Percussion Battery- Practice in the courtyard with drum stands

o Tubas – practice on the field

· All other students are to be dropped off in the bus loop as usual.


3:45-4:00 Student Dropoff

4:00-6:30pm Practice

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