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Military Parade

Weekly Music Notes 8/24-8/28

Good morning,

Please make sure that you are paying your band and guard fees. At this point in time you should have all band fees paid and two guard fee payments paid. If you play on a school owned instrument that item was added to your charms account. Please make sure you have a zero balance. All other payment plans, please continue your scheduled plans.

You may pay your fees or turn in discount card sales In the drop box in the band room. Please make sure it is in a sealed envelope.

Discount Cards and Band/Guard Fees

All students in band and guard will be required to sell discount cards. This goes for the students that are not participating in marching band for reason concerned with our current situation. Students that have not picked up their discount cards should plan on picking them up at the end of practice today or on Wednesday.

All discount card sales should be finished and turned in by Sept 14th. Please remember that you must sell 10 of them. It is a requirement. You cannot return unsold cards. These 10 cards are built into your fees this year and are a part of the contract.

Remember: If you have sold all 10 and would like to sell more, please ask for them. Any cards sold after 10 goes directly towards your band and guard fees.

Drop off procedures

Quick Refresher on procedures:

1. Check your temperature before you come to practice.

2. Do not arrive more than 30 mins before practice.

3. If you arrive early and parents are not here to check in students in, you must wait in your car.

4. Parents are not to leave until their student is checked in.

5. Do not drop your students off in the bus loop. Please pull into the parking lot and let them out there.

6. Do not pick up your students in the bus loop. Please pull into the parking lot and pick them up there.

Social Distancing Guidelines

Quick refresher on procedures. Please read through the packet.

1. Remain 6’ for each other at all times.

2. Do not huddle together even with masks on.

3. Do not share instruments.

4. You are absolutely required to have a mask on at all points.

5. If you are not playing at the current moment you will have your mask on.

6. If we are outside playing and doing basics in our block set, you will be instructed when you can remove your mask.

Basic Guidelines and Practices to consider

All of you play an important part of the band and guard safety. It is your responsibility to take these guidelines and apply them to your ever day interactions. All our rules are procedures will be for nothing if we are not actively aware of what we are doing outside of band practices. I would suggest that you limit your interactions with people socially outside of school hours.


Monday 6:00-9:00 Marching Practice -All students are on the stadium field guard and band

Wednesday 4:00-6:30 Marching Practice - All students are on the stadium field guard and band

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