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Weekly Music Notes 8/28-9/4 Important!!

Good afternoon parents and students,

As we get going for next school year, I wanted to cover the important info for our Live students and our on-campus students. This is a very long email, but all the info is important.

I think the most important thing for this coming week is patience. Some of your teachers will be very good with technology and some of them may not be at the same level. Please know that all your teachers are trying their best and maybe say thank you to some of them when the day is over.

The band students have a reputation of being some of the best and hardest working students at the school, please help each other out and support each other through this first week. Patience is the key!

No Instruments or Guard equipment on Monday

Please do not bring any instruments to school on Monday. We must go over locker procedures before you can use them.

This is your warning: If you bring your instrument on Monday, you will take it around school all day.

Schedule for 8/31-9/4

Monday- NO PRACTICE (First day of school... lets take a break so we can focus on that)

Wednesday Practice 4:00-6:00

Teams for Live Stream!

All Live stream classes will be done on Teams. If you are doing Live, you have been added to the Teams Channel called: University High School Band Classes Live Stream. All Classes- Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Guard, and Percussion Classes will be using this channel.

Within the Channel are the classes. Please treat your day as if you are going from class to class and enter before the time the class begins.

Period 1- Wind Ensemble

Period 2- Jazz Ensemble 1

Period 3- Symphonic Band

Period 4- Jazz Ensemble 2

Period 6- Color Guard

Period 7- Percussion Class

Please check your schedules as some of you are not in the right classes and must attend the class you are currently scheduled for.

Teams for Everyone!

All assignments for the school year will be turned in on Teams if we are doing Live classes. There will be a separate Teams channel for each class period. These join codes will be given out on Tuesday during class. The Teams for each class are different than the Live stream channel. You should expect 2-3 assignments a week.

Dress for Success and Attendance

For students that are doing the Live option, you should get into a routine each day as if you are going to school. Dress appropriately and Attendance will be taken at the start of each class as well as randomly throughout the class period.

Live Rules

Consider that every classroom rule also applies to students that are on Live. You will be expected to behave properly. Students violating class rules through Live will receive appropriate discipline which will include up to removal from the band program.

Schedule Issues

I have gone through all the schedule issues for this school year. If I happen to miss one, please let me know. The list of schedule issues will be sent out in a separate email and will not be posted on the band website. Please fill out your schedule change form tonight and submit it immediately. Exact instructions will be on the other email. This is only schedule changes for band classes.

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