Weekly Music Notes 9/21-9/25

Good morning,

Thank you to all the parents that volunteered for the first football game. Please make sure you checkout charms to signup to volunteer for the next events. You must signup through charms to be able to volunteer.

Things to consider for the next game:

1. You should probably do the pre-order for food if you do not want to wait inline for concessions.

2. Students are not allowed to wonder around the “stadium” during 3rd quarter break. They are to be in one of the following areas:

a. Band seating area.

b. In the line at concessions

c. Using the restroom

All other areas are not allowed, and you must remain in the proper areas at all times. People may come to “visit” you on the outside of the orange barriers but, not on the inside of the them.


Monday 6:00-9:00 Full practice

· Pay attention to weather. We will move inside if the weather is bad.

o Front and drumline will

· Todays practice will be 6:00-7:30ish on the baseball field and then the rest in the Cafeteria/band room/auditorium

· Pickup tonight will be at the auditorium.

Wednesday 4:00-6:00 Guard and Percussion Practice

· Wind players do not come on Wednesday!

Replacement items

Your student will need to pay for any replacements of the following.

· Playing mask ($5 replacement fee)

· UT Black mask ($10 replacement fee)

· UT Hat ($10 replacement fee)

· Grey Band shirt ($10 replacement fee)

· Black Guard Tank top ($12 replacement fee)

· Draw string bag (replacement is free if damaged)

We cannot loan any of these items to students this year. They must have all of them for when they are required. Please make sure you bring money with you if you need a replacement. If you realize too late to get money to replace these items, you will need to send me an email requesting a replacement so I can then have the treasurers bill your account for the items.

Parents Purchase of Band items

As soon as we are ready to sell items to parents, we will post them in the charms store for you to purchase. This is the only way you will be able to pay for items. Please do not send cash in for them.

· Do not forget, you need a specific chaperone shirt for games. You can purchase these with cash from Mrs. Pyburn before a game if you do not have one.

· You must have one at the game, this is our way of not having to give you a chaperone badge!

Online Assignments

Your students should have completed 4 assignments online by the end of today. 2 formatives and 2 summatives.

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