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Weekly Music Notes 928-10/2

Good morning,

At the end of today, all students in band classes should have a total of 6 assignments completed in Teams. Three formative scales quizzes and 3 summative playing tests. This applies to jazz classes, concert band classes and the percussion class. Jazz classes should have a total of 7 assignments done for this first midterm.

The color guard class should have three total assignments in teams. One was a group project as a formative which we recorded in class and two other assignments that they were to record last Friday during class time. Color guard will have a total of 4 assignments for this midterm grade.


Monday- 6:00-8:00 Marching Band Practice NOTICE THE TIME CHANGE TO 8:00

Wednesday-4:00-6:00 Percussion and Guard

Uploading Issues

There will be some uploading issues with videos and that is quite all right. As I have stated many times in class, the last three weeks are about learning the process for turning assignments in.

Options if your video will not upload to Teams

A. Upload to YouTube as an unpublished video and then post that link in the assignment and submit it.

a. This is very easy to do and should take no time at all.

B. Upload to some type of cloud software ex: google drive and then post that link in the assignment and submit it.

C. Find an online program that can compress your video to the allowable unloadable size.

a. For longer assignments, you will need to use the YouTube option.

Do not email me your Assignments or Links to your assignments

Do not email me your videos or links for assignments. Please follow the proper procedures and post them to the assignments in Teams. I will not grade anything that is sent to me via email.

Here are the reasons that you can only submit on Teams:

1. When you submit it on Teams, it logs your submission.

2. After I have graded it, you will see that it has been graded on Teams.

3. School email has very strict size limits on files that can be sent as attachments and your videos will probably be larger than that allowable size.

4. I receive so many emails a day that the chances of your assignment getting looked over while I am doing email are very likely.

5. This is how we will be doing all assignments for the year and you must learn to use the software correctly. I understand there will be some issues here or there, but if you do have issues just come talk to me and we will work it out.

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