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Weekly Music Notes July 13th-17th

As usual, this email contains important information. This information is for students and parents. Please make

sure that everyone reads this.

Today is instrument checkout day. Attached you will find the schedule. If your name is not on the list and you need to checkout an instrument, put your name and info into an empty spot. The form can be edited by anyone that opens it. I am allowing two people at each time slot but will not accept more than that.

Weekly Schedule


1:00-5:30 Instrument checkout (later if needed... email me if you need a later time)

5:30-9:00 Percussion practice


5:30-9:00 Percussion practice


9:00-1:00 Color Guard Auditions


6:30- Zoom meeting for Band Camp Procedures (required for all students to attend)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 7204 4002

Password: Band


You must have your band paperwork done to get an instrument or attend practices.

1. Waiver form (you must print from the website)

2. Instrument Rental Form

3. Student Info form

4. Band Fee Contract Form or Guard Fee Contract Form

You will not have access to a computer at the school to do these so please make sure you have them cone before you come.

Link to forms:

Instrument Checkout Procedures

Link to schedule:

1. You may park in the student parking lot by the auditorium.

2. Always keep Social Distance. This includes before you enter the band hallway. Maintain this in the parking lot as well.

3. All people that enter must have a mask on.

4. If there is a line, you will wait at the marked spots in the band hallway.

5. After you receive your equipment, you must immediately return to your car and leave campus.

Percussion Practice

Practice begins today. Call time for percussionist is 5:30. You must wear a mask while practicing inside. You are to take your equipment home with you after practice. (This does not include front ensemble).

Band Camp Procedures and Options

I have spent a substantial amount of time creating band camp procedures and reworking them so that we can provide the safest way for your students to participate in this activity. All procedures are in place for the safety of your students. If your student follows the guidelines, they should not be within 6ft of each other the entire practice. Half of the practice will be outside, and the other half will be in the auditorium. The auditorium is big enough for us to have 250 students space out at 6 ft intervals.

There is a mandatory zoom meeting on Friday July 17th at 6:30pm that all students must attend to go through all the procedures.

UHS Titan Regiment Band Camp Procedures
Download • 438KB

Assumption of Risk Waiver

You must have this form filled out to participate in activities. Please make sure that you have this done before you show up to practice.

Volunteering at Band Camp

We understand that some of you may feel nervous about returning to school or nervous about how band camp will be done. Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to attend, or watch practices this year, but you can volunteer for check-in, lunch, and check-out. Please email our booster president if you would like to volunteer at camp.

If we do not have enough volunteers for these three positions, we will consider cancelling practice for that day.


No student will be penalized for not attending band camp for reasons associated with covid concerns. If you are hesitant, please wait till after our meeting on Friday to decide. You may also read through the procedures ahead of time.

If you live with a family member that is at high risk, please consider your options very seriously. I implore you to consider your families health first. Marching band activities are designed this year to be highly flexible and we will be able to adjust as the year goes by.

If you decide not to participate in band camp, you must notify me ahead of time. Again, this will not affect any of your ensemble placements or ability to continue to be in band.

This is a special year and we are hoping to provide you with the safest environment possible. As a team, we can provide a safe environment for your students to have fun and enjoy themselves. I am not able to do this without the help of parents this year or really any year. But this year it is extremely important to have parent volunteers at all events. If you are available, please contact Mrs. Pyburn and come assist during band camp. You must be an approved volunteer.

Please save all questions for the meeting on Friday!

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