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Wind Ensemble Update for MPA

Dear Band Parents,

Pending approval from University HS Administration and the Florida Bandmasters Association District 6 President, I will be asking to see if our MPA performance, originally scheduled for Thursday at 4:30, can be rescheduled to Friday, March 4th or Saturday, March 5th (time pending).

One of our students needs to have a medical procedure on Wednesday the 2nd, meaning that this student will not be able to participate in the MPA. This student, like all our students, is vital to our successful performance at MPA. I understand that this is a huge ask from you, the families, but we need to move our performance date in order for our students to be successful. Please let me know of any issues this may bring up and let’s find a way to create solutions.

Once we have a time locked in, I will be sending out an update on here, and through Focus.

Kyler Allenson

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