Band Camp Reminders and Updates

We are just a week away from band camp! It is important that you take a moment to read through these tips about band camp and make sure your student reads them as well. 


Required Items

1.      Sunscreen

2.      Tennis Shoes

3.      Shorts (Any type of pants and leggings are not allowed)

4.      Half Gallon water Jug.

         a.      You must have at least this size for camp and football games.  You need to fill it each day before you get to camp.  Anything under this size is not acceptable.  Please contact me if you need help locating one. 

5.      Snacks and a large Lunch.


Optional Items but highly suggested

1.      Hats

2.      Sunglasses

3.      Camel pack


Here are a few reminders of what you need to do to have an enjoyable experience at band camp:


2.      Milk is not a good idea!!!!

3.      Bring your marching instrument.

4.     You need to hydrate before camp begins. Drink as much water as you can the day before camp begins.  I cannot stress how important this is.

5.      Trust me, you will get a tan.  So please make sure that you do not get burned.

6.      Bring a healthy lunch with many snacks.

o   Fast food is not a good idea and highly discouraged.

o   No students can leave campus for lunch.

o   You are not allowed to have food ordered and delivered to the school.

o   Lunch will be at the same time each day.

o   Parents can bring their students a lunch.

7.      Wear the correct required clothing:

o   Tennis shoes and socks.

o   Grey or white shirts. (Required for under your marching uniform)

o   Dark gym shorts.

§  Students that wear long pants will not be allowed to participate in activities.

o   Optional, but highly suggest: Sunglasses, Hat, camel pack, towel.

8.      Dress Code for Band Camp

o   Generally, we do not have issues with this but, here are a few guidelines/tips for dress code for band camp.

§  You are required to have a light color shirt, (white or grey).

§  You are required to wear dark colored athletic shorts.

§  Band camp is not a fashion show. 

§  Wear clothing that will help you stay cool and keep the sun off you. 

§  Clothing that you wear to workout in is perfect for band camp.  



Band camp is July 22nd- August 2nd 9-5pm (no weekends)

Freshmen, Leadership, and Percussion (Battery and Front Ensemble):  Every Day

Guard:  First Day for guard is July 23rd and you do all days from there.

Non-Leadership Returning students: First Day is Wednesday and all days from there. 

(percussion do not forget your schedule for this week 16th-18th 9:00-5:00)


Sample Daily Schedule

9:00-12:00- Marching Basics (Outside)

12:00-1:00- Lunch (Same every day)

1:00-3:00- Sectionals or Stand Tunes Practice (Inside)

3:00-5:00- Show Music Practice (Inside)


Summer Updates


Sponsorship Applications are due Monday, July 22. Please get these submitted ASAP! Your child received this information at the June 3 rehearsal.


Staff Dinners during Marching Camp July 22-August 1

Our marching staff work tirelessly to support our children. At the end of the day, when the kids go home, our staff meets to prepare for the following day. To thank our staff, we ask families to volunteer and make a meal to show our appreciation. If you are willing to help prepare a meal, please fill out this form by July 19


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