Practice Cancellation

Weekly Music Notes


Good afternoon parents and students,


Because of the disconcerting amounts of students that will not be at practice this week, I have cancelled full marching band practice for the week.  


·         Percussion (Front and Battery) will still practice both days from 4-7. 

·         Leadership will come on Tuesday from 4-7 as well. 

o   Leadership may still come on Thursday depending on our progress on Tuesday.  We will determine this by the end of the practice on Tuesday. 



Band Practices are Mandatory

All band practices are summative grades and your students will not be excused from a grade for any practice.  


What you must know about missing practices and the rules for making up a grade etc. 

If you fill out a form:

1.      The excuse absence form is to notify me you will be missing a practice. 

2.      By filling out the form you will be able to make up the grade.

3.      No matter what the reason for missing practice is, the grade will go in as MISSING.

4.      You will be allowed to participate in the football game on Friday.

5.      Keep your spot in the show.

If you do not fill out a form:

1.       You will receive a zero for non-notification.  If there are outstanding circumstances, we will deal with each situation individually.

2.       You will not be allowed to participate in the game on Friday.

3.       You will lose your spot in the show to an alternate, if there is one for your section. 

4.       If excessive absences occur, you will be removed from the marching band show and put on an alternative assignment. 

Making up missing a practice

(Starting the first week of school)

You have two options for how to makeup an assignment if you have filled out the form. 

1.       You must get an etude from me and record yourself playing.  You will play this recording for me at lunch before the next summative.  This etude will be graded for your grade. 

2.       The second option is to record yourself practicing for 2.5 hours. 

Missing two practices in a week

If you miss two practices in a week you will not be allowed to travel with the band to the football game and will receive a zero.  If you have filled out absence request forms and they are considered valid reasons to miss practice, I will allow you to attend.  If you are not allowed to attend a game, you will be given a makeup assignment. 

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