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Good afternoon Parents and students,

As most of us know I send out a weekly email with a schedule for the week and any important info.  Here are the weekly music notes for the coming first week of school.  Usually I track to pack as much info into one email.  Unfortunately, you will probably receive multiple emails some week from me.  Emails are for parents and students.  All students need to have an email in their charms account as well as a parent.   Usually 60% of the info is just for students but it is good to know everything that is going on. 

Schedule: 8.12-8.16

Monday: 8/12

Freshmen Pep Rally (Detailed schedule below)

Tuesday: 8/13

3:45- 7:00 Marching Band Practice

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Order Forms Due!!

Thursday: 8/15

Preseason Football Game (Detailed Schedule Below)

Marching band practices

Marching band practice will be from 3:45-7:00.  We will stop on the field at 6:30 each day of practice.  Students should be back to the band room and packed up by 7:00pm for pickup.  Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday through October. 

Freshman Day Pep Rally

On Monday we will have a freshmen pep rally.  The band will be playing at this pep rally.  Please have your student here by 2:00.  There are plenty of things to do in the band room, so if you need to drop your student off a little earlier, I will put them to work. 

Schedule for Pep Rally:

2:30 Line up

2:45 In the Gym

2:59 Pep Rally starts

3:30 Pep Rally over

Please pay attention to your bus schedule if you ride  a bus to school.  Do not miss the but home because of a pep rally!!!

Wear your white band shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.  Guard Section shirts please (Promise last time)

Preseason Football Game on Thursday 8/15 @Pine Ridge 7pm

The band has been requested to perform at the preseason game during the first week of school!  We are such an important part of school spirit, they feel the game wouldn’t be the same with out us! 

The following students will be required to attend:

·        Wind Ensemble students

·        All of Drum line and 3 cymbal players

·        15 Returning Guard Students

Any other students that would like to attend need to notify me in advanced of doing so.  THIS WILL BE A PROVIDE YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION TO THE GAME EVENT!!!!!!


Load trailer during class time

6:00- Call time at Pine Ridge High School (Find the band trailer)

6:30- Enter stadium and Setup

7:00- Kickoff

9:30ish end of game

Parent Chaperones needed for this game.  Don’t forget you must be an approved volunteer to be a chaperone.  Go to www.universityhsband.com/forms to fill out a county volunteer form.

Wear your white band shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.  Guard Section show shirts.

Sign up on the band website to be a chaperone:



Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Please make sure to turn all order form in by Tuesday August 13th.  Payment is not due at the time of the order but you will are responsible for any nonpaid items.  So it is in your best interest to retrieve the money in a timely manner.  I will be sending out a PDF of the orders from band camp tomorrow.  You will need to find your order form within this PDF.  All money is due at the time of delivery of the items.  Delivery of the items will be roughly the first week of September.  If we have all orders turned in on the 13th, the sooner we will know the delivery date. 

Missing forms

Students with missing paperwork will not be allowed to participate in band activities after the first week of school till all paperwork is done.  This will mean that your student will not be allowed to attend practices or games and will receive MISSING as their grade until their paperwork is done. 

Unpaid band fees and missing payment paperwork

Families that have not worked out a payment schedule with the band treasurer will not be allowed to participate in band activities after the first week of school till this has been completed.  Please make sure that you are on schedule with your payments! 

Please remember that I am not withholding any students for nonpayment.  But I will withhold participation if we do not have all your paperwork filled out. 

You can email the treasurer at: marchingtitans.treasurer@gmail.com

New Orleans Trip!!

The band parents will be sending out an email shortly with how to register for the New Orleans trip!  Please register by the end of the week if you plan on going.  (8.16.2019)  

Please remember, your band fees must be paid off before you can go on this trip.  Students that still owe band fees will not be allowed to continue with payments after the final day of full refunds from the travel company.  On this day, we will cross reference the trip list with who owes fees and have the tour company issue you a refund if you still owe band fees that are not part of a payment plan.  So be on the lookout for that email!


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