Deltona Game Update


The game on Friday has been moved to a start time of 5:30 pm.  So this means a serious adjustments in times for the game and a few other items as well.  


The change in time also means we will not be able to take buses to the game.  YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION TO THE GAME AND FROM THE GAME.  If you are unable to do so, we will have an activity bus that can come back to the school at pickup students that could not find a ride.  I hope everyone can find a ride to the game because you will be late to the game if you cannot find a ride.  You must let me know by Thursday if you need to ride the bus to the game.  Nobody is taking a bus back to the school.  All students must be picked up at Deltona High School.  

Parking and student Drop off/ Pick up Locations

Please turn down Wolf Pack Drive.  This is just past the school.  Please look it up online if you are confused or look at the map attached to this email.  The earlier you arrive the better.  You will park in the parking lot in front of the auditorium.  If you are dropping off your student and not staying for the game you will enter the same parking lot, circle around the lot and drop them off by the auditorium.  This will be the same location that you can pickup your student as well.  

Where we are meeting at Deltona We will meet in the field next to the auditorium.  Just look for all the band kids.  Find the band trailer if you have equipment on the trailer.  After you get your equipment, go to the field.  

Schedule for the game:

4:00-4:30 Dinner at Deltona High School
4:30 Call time at Deltona High School
4:50 Enter the stadium
5:30 Kick off
8:30ish End of Game, Pickup Student 

What students will wear:

1. White Show Band Shirt.

2. Khaki colored shorts or Blue shorts.

3. Tennis shoes
Guard students will wear what Miss Hobby specified at practice to wear.

Dinner before the game

 Students that order dinner will be given the dinner at Deltona High School.  I highly encourage everyone to order a dinner for this week as you do not have time to go home or pickup food on your way.  Be
weary of the fact that you are wearing a white shirt so please stay clean.  We will eat our meal under the covered area by the cafeteria.  (Blue object on map.)


I know this change may impede on your ability to be at the game on time.  That is quite all right.  Please get to the game as soon as possible.  There will be a parent that will be in front of the auditorium with a list and badges for you as you arrive.  They will also have shirts for you as well.  

If you are available to be at Deltona at 4:00pm please let Mrs. Pyburn know immediately.   We will need help passing out dinner and herding children.  😊


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