Weekly Music Notes Aug 9th-13th

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to school!  Here are a few important items covered in this email:

·         Cookie Dough Delivery (Sept. 12th)

·         Adjust schedule (added practice)

·         Tri-M Music Honor Society collecting donations for the Bahamas (Due Tuesday)

·         Makeup of any assignments

·         All state auditions




7:30-8:30 Percussion


2nd half of lunch Tri-M interest meeting!

3:45-7:00 Marching band


7:30-8:30 Percussion


3:45-7:00 Marching band

6:30-7:30 Cookie Dough Pickup!


3:45-7:00 Marching Band Practice


Cookie Dough Pickup Sept 12th

Cookie dough sale pickup will occur on Thursday after marching band practices.  Please make sure to take your items home with you. 

NO PERSONAL CHECKS!!  If you would like to take a check, that is up to you.  You can have the person write you a check and then pay the band…  But you are doing this at your own risk.  I only suggest this to save you time and a second trip if they do not have cash on them when you deliver the items.  Please only turn cash in for the orders.  If there are any issues with this, please let me know.  This saves the treasurers a ton of time when processing the orders.

DO NOT TURN IN PARTIAL COLLECTIONS!  Collect all monies, then turn it in!!

All money is due by September 20th. 



Tri-M music honor society will be taking donations of unused hurricane supplies today and Tuesday.  Please send your students in with anything you would like to donate.  Our Tri-M president has located a local charity that will accept the donations. 


Makeup Assignments

Marching Band Practices:

Two options:

1.       Request etude from me. Record it and play it for me at lunch times.  You must do this before the next summative.

2.       Record yourself practicing marching band music for 2.5 hours.


Missing Football Games:

You must see me for an etude at lunch time.  You will need to record this and play it for me before the next football game.  If you do not have it done by the next game, it will go in as a zero.


In Class Scale Quizzes

In class scale quizzes are Formatives.  They are pass or fail (100 or zero).  You have the entire 9-week grading period to makeup scale quizzes.  If you do not pass the quiz, you must record yourself (video) playing the scale with a metronome on.  Your hands and embouchure must be visible in the video.  You will place this video for me at lunch time. 

I will not accept email links of videos or live performances of the quiz.  The objective of giving you the entire 9-weeks to makeup the assignment if you do not pass, is to get you to practice!  If you have practice and learned the scale you have accomplished the goal of becoming a better musician. 


In Class Playing Test (Summative)

For playing test you will be allowed to make up a playing test only if you receive a grade lower than a 70.  You will record yourself with the same standard as the scale quizzes and play this video for me at lunch time.  You must make up a playing test by the next in class summative or it will stay at whatever grade you first received. 


Sectionals (Formative)

If you miss a sectional for a jazz band or concert band, you must discuss this with me before you miss it or it will go in as a zero.  If you have a legitimate reason for missing a sectional, you will need to record yourself practicing the missing assigned sectional for 30 mins or practice during lunch for 30 mins.  If you choose to do it during lunch, you must let me know ahead of time. 


 All State Auditions

The all state schedule will be emailed out later today.  

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